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Makotokan Budo
Makotokan Budo


Makotokan Budo is a traditional martial arts dojo teaching the arts of Aikido and Tenjin Shinyo-Ryu Jujutsu. The Makotokan is a non-political, non-sectarian organization and welcomes like-minded people of goodwill to train together in the true spirit of harmony. The dojo offers opportunity for personal development through controlled, disciplined training in a safe and friendly environment. Makotokan Budo is a traditional Aikido and Tenjin Shinyo-Ryu dojo servicing the Hills District and the North West areas of Sydney. Any further enquiries about Aikido or traditional Japanese Jujutsu can be made by contacting the dojo directly.

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Makotokan Aikido

Makotokan dojo aspires to teach the traditional techniques and philosophy of Morehei Ueshiba O’sensei. Chief instructor for the dojo is Mr. William Haynes Sandan Aikikai, assistant instructor is Mr. Anthony Cox 1st Dan Aikikai. Aikido is a martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba O’sensei in the 1930’s after a long period of training in traditional Japanese martial arts. It contain’s elements of kenjutsu (sword), sojutsu (spear), and Jujutsu (unarmed) techniques. It also contains a strong spiritual element that manifests itself in the appreciation of nature and the study of meditation, misogi (spiritual cleansing) and Chinkon Kishin (centering and grounding) exercises. Aikido practised diligently provides a wonderful form of self-expression through dynamic movement, martial exercise and mind/body fusion. Read more >>

Makotokan dojo is directly affiliated to the Australasian Aikikai, under the direction of Colin Hackett sensei 5th Dan So Hombu. Hackett sensei is the Australian representative of the United Kingdom Aikikai. Makotokan gradings are recognised by the United Kingdom Aikikai and the Aikikai Hombu dojo (Aikido World Headquarters).

Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Jujutsu

Tenjin Shinyo-Ryu is a Koryu or traditional Japanese martial art form, having a strong influence on both Judo and Aikido. Tenjin Shinyo Ryu continues to be taught in Tokyo, Japan under the direction of Toshihiro Kubota Shihanke, the current headmaster of the Sakamoto Line of the Tenjin Shinyo Ryu. It is particularly famous for its vital-point attacks (atemiwaza), immobilization methods (torae), and strangleholds (shimewaza).

The curriculum of Tenjin Shinyo-Ryu consists of 124 techniques that involve jujutsu being used in different scenarios, including being grabbed, being struck and being attacked with weapons. The method of training is based on kata (prearranged steps) in a non-competitive manner. For additional info Read more >>

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