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Makotokan Budo
Makotokan Budo
William Haynes - Chief Instructor


Commenced training in 1994 with Aikikai Australia under the direction of Sugano Sensei. Trained until 2001, obtaining the grade of Shodan in January 2000. Travelled to Japan in September/October 1999 and 2005, training in Hombu Dojo under the current Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba. Whilst training with Aikikai Australia, was fortunate enough to take instruction from many leading Japanese Shihan including current Doshu, Osawa Sensei, Tamura Sensei, Shindo Sensei and of course Sugano Sensei. Left Aikikai Australia in 2001 for personal reasons and joined the Kufudokan dojo of Grant South Sensei. South Sensei researches the early Aiki Budo of o'sensei and demonstrates a dynamic and powerful form of Aikido. Forming the Makotokan Dojo in July 2002 along with assistant instructor Tony Cox, the Dojo has since established a strong core of dedicated students. In March 2004, realising the need for Aikikai Hombu recognition and higher level of instruction for the students, the Dojo became an affiliate of the Central Coast Aikido Association under the direction of Colin Hackett sensei 5th Dan So Hombu. Awarded NIDAN at the 2007 Winter GASSHUKU by Gordon Jones Shihan, Chief Instructor U.K.A. Awarded SANDAN at the 2012 Spring Seminar.

Shidoin Australasian Aikikai





Commenced Jujutsu trainning in August 1986 after watching a demonstration of a classical Japanese Martial arts. Tenjin Shinyo Ryu is a Ko Ryu and such is one of the few remaining old school Jujutsu systems in Japan. Australia is fortunate to have one of the strongest schools outside Japan in this martial art and is under the direction of George Marton Sensei who holds the Menkyo Teaching License.

Tenjin Shinyo Ryu training is Kata based system of Jujutsu and teaches invaluable lessons in martial principles such as Kamae (martial readiness), Shisei (posture), Zanshin (awareness), Maii (distancing), Metsuke and Ukemi (breakfalling).

Tenjin Shinyo Ryu does not follow the kyu/dan system but issues licenses upon experience and time spent training in the art. They are SHODEN, CHUDEN, MOKOROKU, MENKYO and MENKYO KAIDAN. Training with the headmaster Toshihiro Kubota Shihan Ke in 1988, 1999 and May 2005, Bill holds the rank of MOKUROKU.



Commenced Karate Training in 1961 after watching a Tamashiwari (breaking) by one of the few exponents in the country. In 1963 joined the GojuKai Karate organisation of Mr Mervyn Oakley who had just returned from Japan studying with the famous Master Gogen Yamaguchi. This period proved to be one of the most intensive martial arts training experiences and was to influence all future approaches to training.

In 1966 discontinued training for family reasons. Resumed Karate training in 1985 and trained for a further 10 years in the Gojukai Karate Organisation of Mr Paul Starling, achieving the rank of Shodan.

Grade - SHODAN

Tony Cox - Instructor


Tony Cox Dai Sempai Makotokan Dojo has studied Aikido since 1994. Tony's major Aikido influence has come from the Shonan Renmei organisation where he was a student for 8 years under the guidance of Chico Xerrie sensei. Since July 2002, Tony has most ably filled the role of Assistant Instructor at the Makotokan Dojo where he continues to assist students with their Aikido development.

Congratulations to Tony Cox Sensei who was graded to NIDAN by Colin Hackett Sensei. Tony is the first person to be graded by Colin Sensei following our direct affiliation to HOMBU DOJO.

Grade - NIDAN

Christine Roberts - Instructor


Christine Roberts commenced training in July 2002 on the opening night of Makotokan Dojo and as such, is one of the founding members of the Dojo. Christine has trained diligently since then and on the 22nd May 2010, was graded to Shodan by Gordon Jones Shihan, Chief Instructor for the United Kingdom Aikikai (U.K.A.) and Technical Advisor for The Australasian Aikikai. Graded NIDAN at the 2012 Spring Seminar.



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