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Weapons Training
Every 2nd Wednesday of the month

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Every 2nd Friday & last Saturday of the month


Pennant Hills Dojo

Makotokan Dojo opened a new Dojo in Pennant Hills in May 2012. It is located in the Baden Powell Scout Centre - Pomona Street, Pennant Hills. All welcome to come and train with us!

Pennant Hills Dojo
Spring Seminar

The 2012 Spring Seminar saw two new black belt promotions for Makotokan Dojo. Christine Hendro to NIDAN and Don Cleur to SHODAN. Congratulations to you both and to all other grading candidates. The gradings were conducted by Gordon Jones SHIHAN 6th Dan Aikikai.

Christine and Don
Visiting Dignitaries

Bill, Don & Christine had the pleasure of training with visiting American Sensei William Gleason 7th Dan. Thanks to Steve Seymour Sensei for the invitation.

Sensai William Gleason 7th Dan

15th June 2012

Many thanks to William (Bill) Haynes Sensei and all the Assistant Instructors and Students at Makotokan for your hospitality and friendship last night at our combined training session. The experience was very informative and enjoyable. Best Wishes from Paul Starling and the members of our Goju-Kai Group.

group shot

christine & bill

Pennant Hills Dojo

Monday 7th May marked the opening date of our new Dojo at Pennant Hills. Fifteen people enjoyed a vigorous first training session. We thank students from Makotokan, Renshinkan and Sakushinkan Dojos for supporting us on this occasion. We look forward to a succssful future for this Dojo.


5/6th May 2012

Four members of Makotokan Dojo travelled to Newcastle University to train with visiting Japanese teacher Etsuji Horii Shihan, 7th Dan. It was an intensive but enjoyable 2 days of training.

Newcastle University session



Bill and all members of the Dojo congratulate senior student Christine Hendro on her recent marriage. We wish Christine and Ben every happiness in their life together.

Christine wedding
26/27th Feb 2011

Four members of Makotokan Dojo travelled to Newcastle University to train with visiting Japanese teacher E.Horii Shihan. It was a most enjoyable weekend of hard training and catching up with some old friends.


Australasian Aikikai Autumn Gasshuku

Gordon Jones Shihan 6th Dan, Chief Instructor for the United Kingdom Aikikai was the instructor for the Australasian Aikikai 2010 Autumn Gasshuku, held on the 22nd to 23rd of May 2010. Gordon Sensei took everyone through 7 hours of solid training, demonstrating some dynamic forms of Aikido and giving us all plenty to think about for some time to come.

Black Belt gradings were also conducted over the weekend resulting in 5 new Black Belt students for the Australasian Aikikai, further strengthening our position as an ever emerging force on the Australian Aikido scene.

We thank Gordon Sensei for taking time out of his busy schedule to fly out from the U.K. to assist us with our development and direction.

Bill would also like to say a heartfelt thank you to the organising committee for The Gasshuku, Tony Cox, Christine Hendro, Julia Dando, Don Cleur, Allan Owens and Siuwo Lau - Domo Arigato Gozaimashita.

Autumn Gasshuku 2010

Black Belt Grading

Congratulations go to all those students who attempted their gradings over the weekend of Saturday, 22nd May 2010. Makotokan Dojo had three members who successfully passed their Black Belt gradings: Siuwo Lau and Tze Ling Loh who both graded to Nidan and Christine Hendro who graded to Shodan. Congratulations also go to Andrew Cronin from Renshinkan Dojo who graded to Shodan and Darius Wingate Pearse Sensei from Sakushinkan Dojo who graded to Sandan. Darius Sensei and William Haynes were also promoted to full Shidoin status.

To those students who were asked to try again, we ask you to keep a strong spirit 'Gambatte'.

Black Belts

A special congratulations to Darius Wingate Pearse Sensei who graded to Sandan and received full Shidoin status. A great result for Sakushinkan Dojo and the Australasian Aikikai.


Christine Hendro

In passing her Shodan grading on Saturday, 22nd May 2010, Christine is the first Black Belt graduate of the Makotokan Dojo. Christine is one of only 3 people who were present on the opening night of our Dojo in July 2002 and so she holds a unique and important position in being a founding member of the Dojo and its first Black Belt graduate.

Congratulations Christine!

Christine Hendro
Easter Seminar

Six members of Makotokan Dojo attended the Easter Seminar conducted by French Teacher Michel Becart Sensei 6th Dan. Becart Sensei taught some precise forms of movement and technique and everyone enjoyed the experience. Thanks to JC for the invitation.

Easter Seminar
11th December 2009

Fifteen people celebrated our end of year dinner at a Thai restaurant in Bella Vista. Bill would like to thank all students for their great training effort this year. The Dojo closes on Wednesday December 23rd and reopens for training on Wednesday 13th January.

Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to all students and their families.


Gasshuku November 2009

The Australasian Aikikai held their annual Gasshuku over the weekend of 21/22 November. Over 70 Aikidoka trained in temperatures exceeding 40° centigrade but all managed to come through the training with great spirit. Makotokan would like to congratulate Justin Burman and Allan Owens on grading to 5th Kyu and all other students who graded on the day. Thanks to Darius and Gabriel and students from Sakushinkan Dojo for organising such a well run event.

5th Kyu

Rosso Fernandez 10th Anniversary Gasshuku

Rosso Fernandez Sensei celebrated 10 years teaching in New Zealand by inviting most of NZ's top sensei to take classes, including Takase Shihan 7th Dan Aikikai Hombu representative for NZ. Bill joined Paul Sinkonsen and a group from Terrey Hills for a great day's training and socialising. A most enjoyable day.

Rosso Fernandez

Visit to Koru Dojo - NZ

While holidaying for 3 days on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, Bill visited the Koru Dojo of David Lynch Sensei, one of the pioneers of Aikido in NZ. Set on 60 acres of beautiful bushland, the Dojo is surrounded by deep clear pools, cascades and waterfalls. David Sensei is a most gracious host and spent 4 hours reflecting on his 18 years in Japan and the great masters he has been associated with. He also conducted a one hour class with Bill and a number of students.

Thank you David Sensei.

Koru Dojo

23rd/24th October 2009

Makotokan Dojo had pleasure in hosting visiting 3rd Dan Aikidoka Lawrence Warry Sensei. Lawrence resides in Holland but is on an Aikido/sightseeing odyssey for a few months. Lawrence taught our Friday night/Saturday morning classes and everyone enjoyed his friendly approach and clear teaching style.

3rd Dan Aikidoka Lawrence Warry Sensei

Blacktown Martial Arts Expo

Makotokan Dojo gave a brief Aikido demonstration at the Blacktown Martial Arts Expo on Saturday, 26th of September. Bill demonstrated core Aikido techniques to a diverse group of Martial Artists and then the participants had an opportunity to practice one.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the demo and we had some nice comments. Thanks to Tze Ling and Don for assisting with the instruction.

Blacktown Martial Arts Expo


All members of Makotokan Dojo would like to congratulate Colin Hackett Sensei on his recent promotion to 5th Dan. A wonderful achievement for Colin Sensei personally and for the Australasian Aikikai in general.

Colin Hackett
Kenkyukai Gasshuku

Four members of Makotokan Dojo attended the Kenkyukai Gasshuku with Suzuki Sensei on Saturday 19th of September. Suzuki Sensei placed a lot of emphasis on relaxed movement and centering and demonstrated some interesting methods of finding your center. In all, a most enjoyable day - thanks to Steve Seymour Sensei for the invitation.

Kenkyskai Gasshuku

Takayasu Shihan at Makotokan

Friday, September 11th saw Takemusu Aiki chief instructor Saburo Takayasu Shihan, 6th Dan, conduct a class at our Dojo. All of the students including a contingent from The Central Coast benefitted greatly from Takayasu Sensei's precise instruction on basics and friendly teaching style.

The evening was concluded over a few drinks with everyone sitting around asking questions and listening to Sensei's stories and anecdotes. We hope it won't be the last time we see him in our Dojo.

Takayasu Shihan at Makotokan

Farewell to Sarah Lau

All members of the Dojo wish Sarah a safe journey back home to Canada. Sarah has been a welcome addition to our Dojo and we will all miss her bright smile and friendly personality.

Sarah Lau
NCAS Accreditation

Four members of Makotokan Dojo particpated in the recent NCAS Accreditation course run by the Australian Jujutsu Federation. Siuwo Lau, Tze Ling Loh, Christine Hendro and Bill all look forward to becoming accredited instructors with the NCAS, ensuring safe practice for our Dojo.

NCAS Accreditation
May Grading

Makotokan Dojo would like to congratulate all students who graded on Saturday the 1st of May and to Justin Burman who was successful in passing his 6th Kyu grading.

Justin Burman

All members of the Dojo would like to congratulate Christine Hendro on her recent engagement. Christine is one of the original members of the Dojo and we would like to wish her and Ben every happiness for their future together.


17th July 2009
Our Dojo celebrated its 7th Anniversary with a dinner at Cibo e Vino Italian restaurant in Castle Hill. 13 people came along to enjoy a great night of wining and dining (some even showed up for training on Saturday morning).

July 2009

5th June 2009
Our annual demo/workshop of Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Jujutsu was held on Friday 5th of June. Despite being the start of the Queen's birthday long weekend, 13 people showed up for the training which was very gratifying. Thanks to Gareth Rose of the Tenjin Shinyo Ryu for assisting Bill with the demonstration.

June 2009

29th May 2009
Paul Sinkonsen Sensei of Terrey Hills Aikikai conducted a fast paced class at Makatokan Dojo on Friday 29th of May. The Makotokan students enjoyed Paul Sensei's combination techniques and we look forward to having him back again in the near future.
Bill Haynes & Paul Sinkonsen

17th May 2009
Four members of Makotokan travelled to Terrey Hills on Sunday, 17th May for a 3 hour session with visiting New Zealand teacher Rosso Fernandez Sensei. Rosso Sensei took us through some detailed basics which was of great benefit to the students.

May 2009

18th April 2009
The first Australian Aikikai grading of the year was conducted at Makotokan Dojo - 3 one hour classes were taught by each of the Dojo Head Instructors. William Haynes, Darius Wingate Pearce and of course Colin Hackett Sensei - Chief Instructor of the Australasian Aikikai. 25 people graded on the day and all were successful. Allan Owens was the only person from Makotokan to grade achieving the rank of 6th Kyu - congratulations to Owen and all the grading participants. Budo - A.B.N. 35 036 832 702 • Castle Hill, Sydney. NSW Australia • Tel: (612) 9639-7838
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